Cheeky Little Mud Crab

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What an exciting day we all had yesterday at Aquascene! One of our lovely guests was bending over the water when her watch fell loose and into the sea. Luckily it settled in sight on an underwater ledge. Then, a cheeky little mud crab came out of nowhere and fastened a very determined claw onto the watch. With all eyes on the unfolding drama, our talented fish whisperers (also known as Aquascene staff), summoned a gaff hook to pull the watch, and now the crab, out of the water for recovery. Imagine their surprise when just as the crab and its shiny new friend seemed within reach, the other claw clamped down on its new-found treasure, and with a wriggle and a splash the crab escaped the hook and headed out to the open ocean.
So we apologise to the guest short one watch, but take comfort from the wonderful spectacle that resulted from it.
So unbelievable, it must be true!

See you soon, and remember to keep an eye out for thieving crabs!