Fish Species

DIAMOND SCALED MULLET are easily recognised by their distinctive pattern and colouration. The yellow tail and fins of the Juvenile Mullet fade as they grow.
ROCK COD Several different sized Cod visit regularly, the biggest being one metre long and weighing 15kg. Often mistaken for Groper, Rock Cod grow to over 200kg.


BREAM Silvery grey in colour, this small but popular eating fish can be difficult to see as they usually stay below the surface.
CATFISH are easily recognised by the whiskers around their mouths. The Catfish at Aquascene have brown back fading to white.


MILKFISH grow over a metre long and weigh up to 18kg. The have no teeth and feed on plankton and algae on the sea bottom.
SEA GARFISH are long
and slender, and can grow up to a metre in length. They migrate to shallow waters in April and May.


THE SHOVEL NOSE RAY has a body somewhere between those of sharks and rays. The tail has a typical shark-like form, with a triangular head.
THE FANTAIL RAY has a thick pectoral disc wider than it is long. It grows to about 3.3 m in total length and 1.8 m in disc width.